Space Buns

How To Do Space Buns? Easy Steps

Space Buns

Space buns are a popular trend from the 90s that look like two buns on the top of your head. While they are not exactly the same as the iconic buns worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars, you can use the techniques in this wikiHow to recreate a similar look. Once you know how to do basic space buns, you can try different variations, such as half-up space buns or even braided space buns!

If buns are your go-to hairdo (like most of us, lately), you’re probably in love with the 90s pop space buns too. Princess Leia’s iconic Star Wars hairstyle has been popular for some time now and the trend seems to be going nowhere. It’s chic, cute and easy, not to mention it takes only two minutes to do. Amazing right? Plus, it works well on long or short, curly or straight hair.

Space Buns
Space Buns

How To Do Space Buns

Top Knot Space Buns

Start by parting your hair down the middle. Pull your hair into a high ponytail on both sides. Tease your ponytail for volume if you desire. Now, twist the ponytails into a bun and secure it with a hair tie. Pin the buns to keep in place and spritz some hair spray.

Braided Low Double Buns

Low space buns are tied low at your neck rather than high atop the head. Brush your hair and create a center part.  Braid each side starting from the crown all the way to the end. Wrap the braid into a twisted bun. Secure the buns with bobby pins and hairspray.

Half up Space Bun

Start by creating mid parting and divide your hair in half in the middle.  Take the upper section of hair and twist it into loose, giant buns. Do the same with another side. Pin them in place with bobby pins. Let the rest your hang loosely. Curl or straight as you want. And, you’re done.

Space Buns Hair

  1. Brush out all of your tangles: Don’t worry about your hair is full of volume! My hair tends to get frizzy after I brush it out but, this will work in your favor in the end.
  2. Part your hair: Because this is such a playful look, you can create any kind of part that you desire. I parted my hair in a zig-zag style in the front and went with a simple middle part in the back. Basically, a party in the front and business in the back.
  3. Separating your hair and creating pigtails: For this step, try keeping your parts separately. I used my brush to help me create a side ponytail. I made sure to keep my pigtails high up towards the front part of my head that way the buns are the main attraction! Repeat this step on the other side.
  4. Tease your hair: To add volume to my double buns, I teased my hair after I put them in pigtails. The more teased your hair is, the more full your buns will look. Repeat this step for the other part.
  5. Twist your hair and roll it up in a bun: After you’ve teased your mane to your heart’s desire, twist your hair and roll it up to create a bun. Again, have fun with this look. I decided on the messier the bun, the cuter it would be. Repeat this step for the other part.
  6. Almost done: Once you’ve twisted your hair and rolled it up into a bun, add your second set of ponytail holders. Because I have thick hair, I need extra hairbands. You can also add bobby pins to hold your buns in place.
  7. Finishing touches: Add your favorite hairspray or texture spray to keep your out–of–this world space buns in place all day long.

    Space Buns Hair
    Space Buns Hair

Braided Space Buns

This simple style takes the standard top knot to look to something fashionable. With a few easy-to-master steps and a couple of hair, pins add a little something special, so you’ll feel polished without the usual mess.

While this bun serves as a fun party updo, it’s a classic style that’s suitable for everyday wear too. With these loose braids at the top of your head, it makes a standard top knot more appropriate for a day at the office or an evening out with friends. This simple trick is perfect for disguising a bad hair day and it’ll get heads turning.

  1. Start by parting your hair down the middle, then spraying with dry shampoo (or texturizing spray) in sections through to the ends. Section off the side you’re not braiding first. Then prepare to start the dutch braid on the first side.
  2. Start your dutch braid on the first side and take it about an inch past your crown. Then rubber band, tighten the ponytail and loosen up the braid to give it a messier look.
  3. Next, grab the rest of that side and pull it up into a ponytail, then rubber band. Again, keep the braid messy looking. This look looks best when it’s casual and messy.
  4. Next, wrap in a bun, but take about 1-2″ (depending on your hair length) at the end and tuck it in the center of the wrapped bun… Spray with hairspray and repeat these steps on the opposite side! Bobbi pin as needed.

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