21St Birthday Ideas

Best 21St Birthday Ideas

21St Birthday Ideas

21St Birthday Ideas: A 21st birthday is something that is thought about for years before the big day and talked about for years after. The birthday girl/guy can finally legally go into a bar and no longer has to worry about that terribly fake fake-ID failing them. Whether you are celebrating your friend’s 21st birthday or it’s your own birthday, there’s a lot of pressure to nail this birthday. Of course, you can just hand over a bottle of alcohol and call the birthday celebration complete, but there are so many 21st birthday ideas that can make this birthday a memorable one (at least in the beginning ;).

At 16, you are able to get a license. At 18, you are allowed to vote. But, the most exciting period of your life may be when you turn 21. Your 21st birthday is the first time that you can buy and drink alcohol, the first time that you can enter 21-and-over clubs, and the first time that you can go to a casino and gamble. It may even be the first time that you feel like a real adult. Turning 21 is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated. When the day finally rolls around, though, you may be at a loss for ideas for things to do on your 21st birthday. After all, you want to do something that you will remember for years to come.

21St Birthday Ideas
21St Birthday Ideas

21st Birthday Ideas For A Night

  1. Have a classic “It’s my 21st birthday” night out with a twist: take “before” and “after” pics with everyone from right when you’re finished getting ready and looking perfect, to looking a little sloppy (but very happy) at the end of the night.
  2. Have all your close friends over, flex your new (legal) ability to buy booze, and spend all night playing an increasingly rowdy game  (learn more about H game) of Truth or Drink.
  3. Do something other than drinking. It’s what everyone else does and you’ve got your whole life to go out drinking. Try something you really want to do instead — like making a themed dinner for all your friends.
  4. Throw a party and have everyone who walks in the door write a birthday wish to you on a poster of your fav celeb or a map of your dream city. You can frame and display the art later on and see everyone’s well wishes every day.
  5. Start a lifetime habit of keeping a bottle of champagne in the fridge for good luck. (The thinking is, if you have champagne on hand to celebrate good news, you’re more likely to hear some news worth celebrating).

21St Birthday Party Ideas

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your 21st birthday. You don’t have to settle for bar hopping or an unorganized house party to bring in one of the most highly anticipated days of your life. You can hit the road with your friends, host a bonfire in your backyard, or take a bartending class with friends to learn about cocktails. Whatever you decide to do, avoid waiting until the last minute to decide on an idea and make sure that you’re excited about your plans. Find a variety of unique 21st birthday party ideas below that are bound to expand your birthday options.

21St Birthday Party Ideas
21St Birthday Party Ideas

Hit A Nightclub, Lounge, Or Bar

You’re finally able to use your ID to get into 21+ venues. Show off your brand new power by celebrating your birthday with friends at a nightclub, lounge, or bar. You can reserve your own table to stay close-knit with your group or hit the dance floor all night long.

21st Birthday Brunch

Head to brunch and order mimosas for the first time! Find the best brunch spot in town and reserve a table or patio area for a daytime birthday celebration with your family and friends. Send champagne-inspired cocktail party invitations to spread the cheer.

Take A Day Cruise

Celebrate your 21st birthday party at sea by planning a short day cruise. Enjoy drinks and good weather with your favorite people.

Birthday Bonfire

If you can’t stay away from the beach, this party idea is for you. Gather your crew for an evening bonfire full of stories and s’ mores at a local beach. Bring plenty of blankets, pillows, and finish the night off with sparklers.

21St Birthday Gift Ideas For Daughter

  1. Bag: A fabulous designer bag is a great investment and a surprise present for your daughter. This bright red bag from Gucci is a must-have on the fashion scene. Ideal for day or night.
  2. Necklace:  Give your present that personal touch with a necklace that can be engraved. This pretty one from Missoma is a great piece she can wear every day and will never date.
  3. Skirt: If you want to brave buying her an item of clothing, then your safest bet is to go for Instagram’s most loved brand, Rixo. Packed with tonnes of fun prints and loved by celebs, a great place for a party frock.
  4. Bracelet: An engraved Monica Vinader bracelet will go down a treat for the 21st birthday. With loads of different colors and styles, they’ll be something to suit her style.
  5. Makeup: If your daughter is a beauty fan, then the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk collection is a wonderful gift. Check out Charlotte’s Instagram for makeup tutorials of how to apply properly.

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