Parenting Tips 101: 10 Things to Entertain your Kids

The busy season has finally arrived this year! It means that employed parents are working overtime while also preparing for the holiday vacation and meeting deadlines before the year closes. As a result, parents may become stressed and restless as an outcome of the constant presence of active children. So now is the time to figure out how to complete a slew of activities in a short amount of time whilst leaving the kids occupied. Your solutions may appear constrained if you’re short on funds or too hectic to explore further than the norm. But don’t be worried. Here are some ideas for things to do over the seasons, school holidays, or vacation:

1. Make a mini garden

If you can’t have a pet or simply want to introduce your children to nature but don’t have time to go for a walk in the park, consider creating a mini garden at home. Children might pick their seeds, care for them, and see them grow. Gardening with your kids can be a truly satisfying hobby for any generation if you simply get a balcony or little pots in the front door to nurture just a handful of tiny plants on. Children will enjoy having the chance to look after living stuff with understanding about obligation and compassion.

2. Invest inbooks

Books may be an excellent starting point if you want your children to be open-minded and creative. Please note, however, that you should not choose publications that are ancient than they are, as they may be dull or just out of their imaginations. In addition, hundreds of amazing books out there are providing such a pleasant getaway which also includes countless opportunities to benefit from those. Search to discover whether a community library offers electronic books, animated books, or try to look off a classic from your collection at home. Remember to choose the topics which your kids would like to make them successfully engaged.

3. Get the board games

Giving your children various board games or puzzles is one of the most efficient ways to keep them entertained. This might occupy their time while you are occupied with another work, or you could join them in a healthy competition.

4. Little Master Chefs

Guide your kids in the art of baking. They’ll enjoy spending time together and the completed creation. Baking is an excellent approach to practice studying instructions and measuring things. The thought of recording oneself while simulating to be on their beloved food variety show will attract your kids.  Also, if they’ve had their fill of baking, try some other cuisines that are appropriate for kids.

5. Craft their own secret diary

A secret diary doesn’t mean you’re encouraging your kids to be secretive. No no. It is just an idea of guiding them to keep memories and appreciate them through writing in a small notebook that will last until they become adults. Give them a simple notepad or even papers that they could freely design on their own. They can use colored pens, cute stickers, and even photos to include. The final product would be self-rewarding for the kids.

6. Spring clean for toys

Additional sanitation is not a terrible thing, particularly at this season of year. Kids often enjoy handing their items a bathing for some indescribable explanation. Load a container tub or zippered compartment partly with liquid and scent clean soap, then let the kids cleanse all of their treasured toys using an unused hand brush.

7. Indoor Camping

Kids might also love some adventurous activities. However, maybe there’s still a limitation for traveling outside. But, no worries, you could still have camped on your sweet home. Try building tents and cooking barbecues to enjoy the night with the family.

8. Movie Marathon

Gather all the educational films or generally rated series for your kids to watch all day. They could get lessons and some personal developments through those movies which would help them while still having fun.

9. Picnic

Instead of eating a delivered snack or trying in fast-food chains, take your picnic box and load it with home-cooked foods. Fill it with snacks, beverages, and nutritious treats before driving to the field for a picnic with the kids. If the location is an issue, don’t worry; you can still do it in your home or even in your garden area; the difference between indoor and outdoor doesn’t matter as long as you’re all together and happy.

10. Pandemic Capsule

None of us can foresee the future, and recollections in mind aren’t always precise. Making a memory box or capsule, like keeping a diary, is a great method to encourage your kids to keep track of their life events. It could even support them in articulating their emotions at this trying period. Put some photos, items or anything inside which could help them to remember this time when they open it in the next years.


Whenever you worry as the kids are cracking up the rooms and wrecking all in reach, take a deep breath first. Yes, parenting is challenging but with these handfuls of activities to make them entertaining, surely, you would be able to nail it on. Hope it helps.

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